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This is not an employee-employer arrangement. I will financially back a new Business, I am not hiring an employee. I can and will check your criminal record, or ask anything I want about you, your history, your family or anything else I need to in order to be comfortable getting into business with you.

Note 2: I have a West-Indian background, and I would be thrilled to hear from someone who is interested in the restaurant business and who can help me establish a great West-Indian restaurant.

First, how do I contact you?

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711 Queen St E.

My name is Dave and I am an Entrepreneur. I have purchased property at 711 Queen Street East. It is a former bank building which for the last few years has been occupied by a well known Weed Dispensary (I’m half Jamaican yes, but it wasn’t me :) ). While I am sure that this location would suit the needs of a major food/coffee corporation, I thought I would do a little leg work to see if I can be involved in creating something special in this location.

A location I think is tremendous as it is right at the corner of Broadview and Queen, an area of the city which has seen fantastic growth already, and will be at the nexus of major development planned in the area. So, if you have a great business idea which makes sense in this space, I’d love to hear about it. I am able to back good ideas in which a good, profitable business can be created.